The Best STRIVR Alternative

The Best STRIVR Alternative

Technology has changed drastically over the years, but the way we conduct training... not so much.

As the new generation takes over the workforce, from Millennials to Gen Z, corporations need to start implementing other alternatives to create a more engaging learning and development process.

Furthermore, with the rise of apps like TikTok and Instagram, these generations are learning different that previous ones did. Long PDFs and manuals are not helping them retain all the information the same way quick visual bursts do.

However, as L&D leaders adventure into workplace simulations and creating a virtual environment that helps them reduce disruptive training, usually tech companies like Strivr or Wisetail are the first ones to come up.

Although their immersive learning application cases are good, there are more disadvantages than advantages. Next, we’ll show you some cases to why NIDUM is a better alternative.

Accessibility from multiple devices

Virtual Reality goggles are the new shiny toy. 

Yes, they provide a great way to immerse yourself into the workplace, but the reality is that prices for VR Goggles range between $200 to $2,000, and they become obsolete very quickly. This might be a good option for bigger enterprises, but small to mid sized businesses cannot allow themselves to distribute hundreds of these between locations.

NIDUM’s reactive technology easily adapts to any device! That goes from you smartphone to a desktop computer… and even the Virtual Reality headset. This makes it more accessible for companies and employees, meaning that they can access their training from anywhere at any time.

Development costs and changes

STRIVR’s VR modules go way over the thousands price range, and once you develop it, updating the content might take several weeks and extra costs. But, with NIDUM‘s immersive learning modules, you can have a pocket friendly training program that will end up saving you recruiting and onboarding costs either way.

On top of that, the changes are unlimited. Need a menu change? Or a new safety guideline? NIDUM‘s got you covered within 48 hours.

Transition to the metaverse

We all know about it, the Metaverse by Meta is the hot topic right now, and talks about implementing it in staff training is already in the talks. But let’s hold our horses, because this will not take place until a few years in the future. For now, let’s focus on making that transition as soon as possible.

Forget about moving into Metaverse if your content is not immersive, then making that transition will not be very smooth.

NIDUM will leverage your existing training documents and transform it into an immersive learning module that will fit into you company’s guidelines and culture.

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