Revolutionizing Training Industry

Revolutionizing The Training Industry With Virtual Reality!

What does it mean to revolutionize an industry? Automatically, the buzzwords of tech come to mind – innovative, forward-thinking, disruptive, exponential growth – the taboo words that every startup wants to use.


Well, at NIDUM, we’re keeping it simple and saying what needs to be said: we’re going to change HR training in a way no company has done before. We’re the latest HRtech startup that you should know because we’re reimagining the future of how businesses train by combining virtual technology with immersive learning and colliding them with an evolving multi-sided platform.


This is a task that no one in the industry has owned yet, and we are ready to make that big statement: NIDUM is building the GoDaddy of training! What does that mean though?


Our product is the technological answer for an overdue solution – a modularized and plugin training platform similar to what GoDaddy did for website creation.


People learn, think and create by using technology day in and day out, yet businesses continue to use outdated training approaches to teach their employees such as peer-to-peer training and manuals. These approaches are becoming less effective, less relevant, and do not maximize the outcomes. Does this sound familiar?




We see the training world drastically different, We see training being digitalized and accessible to anyone – anywhere!


The approach? Creating immersive training modules by leveraging virtual reality technologies and a multi-sided platform. This is evolving into a modularized and plugin training platform that allows businesses to create their own immersive training modules on demand. This is similar to when businesses create their own email marketing using Mailchimp – SIMPLE. USER FRIENDLY. EFFECTIVE. MEASURABLE.


And our moonshot is to tilt the training industry the same way Tesla tilted the automotive industry. It challenged every status quo possible with an objective, user friendly, and sexy product – and allowing the market to adopt it for itself!



… and throw out the hundred-page employee training manual.


With NIDUM, businesses can tackle the tedious, time consuming, and problematic methods of the HR process head-on, from recruiting to onboarding, and any type of on-the-job and operational training.


Research has shown that immersive learning is missing from the HR process but can be one of the most powerful methods to train. The technology we use in tangent with virtual reality shouldn’t be seen as just another tool, but it’s a new medium of communication in the HR world.


As a medium, the immersive training content is exactly what businesses need: digitalized, customizable, and accessible training material at anytime and anywhere – on any device; and delivering it in a way that’s highly engaging and user friendly. Which equals effective employees who are motivated to learn, better prepared, and ultimately engaged with the business’ values and vision.


What more could you ask for??


The end result – when looking at the big picture means that businesses can stay competitive, thrive, and be profitable. We eliminate excessive time, energy, and money from the HR training equation.




We get it – training can be difficult. But we’re here to transform the industry by offering an automated and easy solution that results in an ROI for businesses. As we strive to become the global leader in HRtech, we’re building competency in a practice that hasn’t changed for decades.  


It’s time for everyone to refocus their energy elsewhere and let us do the heavy lifting in the training industry.


New age of HR Tech

Creating the New Age of HRTech: Employee Simulation vs. Pilot Simulation​

Imagine the last time you traveled on an airplane – what was that feeling like? Some people are excited to travel, some may have worries and doubts, and others are impartial because it’s a regular trip made every few months. 


Whatever that feeling might be, do you stop to think… “Hmmm, I wonder how well-trained my pilots are?”. Of course not! There are a number of people on the plane with you, the pilots fly all the time, and someone needs to navigate this 175,000 lbs bird of steel. 


Okay, you’re about to depart, and the pilot and copilot speak over the intercom. Reassurance from the cockpit likely using a confident voice, and promising a smooth ride with possible turbulence along the way. Perfect!  




Why do we trust pilots with our lives, with no hesitation? Because we know that they have countless hours of training, simulating every aspect of flying and learning how to react in different scenarios.


This isn’t a secret. It’s commonly shared that the technology used for pilot training simulates the interior model of the plane, weather conditions and runway patterns of locations and airports, and real-life emergency situations are recreated.




The aviation industry has led simulation technology and training for years!


At NIDUM, we believe the concept of how pilots are trained can be translated to everyday jobs, whether in hospitality, retail, or trades for example. Virtual training isn’t new, but many industries have yet to embrace it and understand how it can be adapted and used for hiring, onboarding and training.




No, it’s actually true. What we’ve developed are fully immersive training modules that mimic real-life situations. We use VR technology combined with the business’s existing practices to personalize the experience and connect new hires and employees. Although not every employee is required to navigate in sudden drops of atmospheric pressure, every job has its own challenges or situations, and we help make those experiences easier to understand.


Studies have proven that visual learning, that is immersive, results in better performance. What we know – new hires taught with our immersive training modules are 40-60% trained before coming to the first day of work. Our product is not a proof-of-concept or demo. Our clients believe that implementing our training modules will be far more streamlined and beneficial compared to traditional HR methods – that are frankly, OUTDATED




How can businesses afford this kind of training? Simulations aren’t cheap. The large-scale simulations that are used in the aviation industry are expensive. It’s a fully integrated module training for massive corporations. To put things into perspective, reports indicate that an airline with 1,000 pilots could spend around $60 million every year with regular training. On the other hand, flight simulators cost approximately $6 million.


So, let’s step back and talk about how NIDUM makes this immersive training affordable and more effective for small to medium size businesses. Our package is simple – our upfront cost to develop each training module is $1850, and our monthly subscription fee starts as low as $150 per month. And our product is customizable so it reflects the brand, values, and incorporates all information that you think is necessary for onboarding and training. Plus, the modules are deployable on multiple devices. 


We’ve now taken the isolated, outdated HR practice and introduced it to 2021! 




The realistic side of the recruiting, onboarding and training process is proved to be timely, which means that you’re losing money. It’s a long-term commitment because of the amount of people you need to train, the amount of information being shared, and doing it within a fast-paced environment. Also, you’re probably hoping for the best that your new hires or employees will retain the information.


With our immersive technology, you can track if and how many times a new hire or employee opens a training module; see and test what they’ve learned and if they’re prepared for the first day on the job; and identify if your turnover rate decreases because now you’ve trained a highly engaged employee. 




We estimate that in the hospitality industry alone, where turnover rates are high, turnover cost can waste up to $146,600 per year. Wouldn’t that be better spent elsewhere?


Your employees will be well-trained by using immersive technology, then there really shouldn’t be any hesitation to entrust them as your co-pilots of your business (your plane) and excelling at their job!


We’ve now taken the isolated, outdated HR practice and introduced it to 2021!