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Calgary Startup Tackles the Training Industry Head On and Virtually Strapped In


Investing in local startups is needed now more than ever. Although, we’ve heard how major startups in Alberta are raising millions of dollars from investors – they are not an overnight success! That’s only part of their story; each company has their starting point and that’s just as important as the end result.

From a basement concoction to a midnight lightbulb idea, or a concept created from everyday experiences, the beginning of the story is always key. It’s what makes the company more fascinating when you hear where they are and where they are going. And, it’s even more exciting when you see they’ve become a success.

What is the common denominator for every successful startup? They all have identified an untapped potential – a need that likely seems so simple, yet complex to create – and with an exponential growth opportunity.

After all, we need to start somewhere!



Which is why we want you to be a part of NIDUM’s journey and see us become that success – the next tech startup that inevitably bring the story back to home: Calgary!

Do you know our story? The concept of NIDUM sprouted from personal experience. Our founder Jose M. Azares was struggling with his own local business in hospitality. Training new employees, finding the right people and retaining them long-term are not easy! Especially if you’re an owner that wears different hats for the job, every day. You’re stretched too thin.

And with these struggles, along came the questions of “why are we training people this way?! Why hasn’t this changed?! Why hasn’t anyone tackled this differently?! What is out there that can be used to make this easier?! Why do I keep losing employees?!” After several missteps and trying to train the old traditional HR way, the lightbulb went off for Jose and the concept of NIDUM was born!


Since 2019, NIDUM has created a new outlook on how to tackle HR processes through immersive training modules and have made it affordable and accessible with our evolving multi-sided platform.

Our creative solution has never been tapped in to before. We offer our product primarily to any type of businesses – from small businesses to huge corporations while tackling the training pain points that many owners and managers continue to struggle with. By integrating virtual reality technologies with our immersive training modules approach – and combining them with our evolving multi-sided platform – our product means businesses can save time, money and stress that comes with training because … immersive learning is the future.

We are challenging the norm! The pressing problems for HR recruiting, onboarding and training, and to bring it to the digital age, haven’t been spearheaded by anyone in the tech industry. NIDUM does this all at once.

Which is why NIDUM has found its fit!


Recently, it was shared that the number of tech startups in Alberta has increased by 89 per cent since 2009, demonstrating that there is technology growth with entrepreneurs leading the helm. With opportunities to keep our city and province market competitive, and to continue to build the sector, your investment in local startups is needed.

So why are we asking for you to invest in us, a local startup? Because we are proudly taking initiative and trying to make waves of change. Investing in us is investing in Alberta!

Investing in a local startup also opens the doors to creating different technology job opportunities as we scale and evolve the product and platform with industry leading resources, and tailor the product for other industries beyond hospitality. We also collaborate with educational institutions that are recognized in virtual reality, machine learning, and augmented reality technologies.

We know that being a part of this movement will help change and grow the sector, which will lead to national and international investment, and profile. The big picture: diversifying and investing back into local businesses means market and economic growth.


Our moonshot is daring and our motivation is grassroots. There’s a need for what we do and why we’re conquering it. Period.

Investing in NIDUM equals investing in your next homegrown tech leader right from the beginning! Not only are you part of a movement that has long-term impact, but you’ll be able to see us grow and thrive.

So, are you ready to be part of the NIDUM journey where we are #ALBERTASTRONG?

NIDUM Inclusive HR ( Human Resources) Tech Solutions

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