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Invest in NIDUM: Be Part of the Cutting-Edge Solution


Let’s give new meaning to the word “Investor”. We aren’t your traditional startup, so this isn’t going to be a cookie-cutter investment. If you couldn’t tell already from our website, or maybe you’ve glanced at our social media, we are not a typical HRTech company. We see things a little differently – vibrantly and impactful.

Our expectation of our investors is simple: SHARE in our passion and drive to revolutionize the HR industry; BELIEVE that our product has value and longevity; and LOVE that we make inclusion a defacto business practice.


We know a crowdfunding campaign fits with our core values is primarily motivated by the concept of inclusivity. It’s part of our mantra, and we need to honour it because our brand champions and ambassadors should have the same opportunities as any angel or accredited investor. This is why our minimal investment starts at only $99. It’s a purposeful and powerful decision.

Let us be part of your investment portfolio. Did you know that since 2015, every Canadian has the opportunity to invest in a company? Whether you’re new to investing or you’re a seasoned-pro, we encourage you to get in early before everyone jumps on the bandwagon! We know what we’re offering, and you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity.

Let’s learn from history and make proactive decisions to be part of the NIDUM story!

Right now, investing early is like investing in Bitcoin – come to the beginning of the game and become a co-owner of our HRTech startup that is the first in the marketplace. No one owns this space and it means that we have the potential for exponential growth.

When Bitcoin came to market in 2009, no one knew that it would become the king of cryptocurrency (or understood exactly what it was), and then it gained momentum and the evaluation peaked in 2017. Those that were late to the game missed out on millions of dollars!

We’re the royalty of HR tech training and we’re only getting started. Every business needs to start somewhere and we’re just starting by offering a creative solution for an age-old problem where innovation hasn’t been at the forefront.

Just like technology, don’t lag behind on this opportunity. Invest now and help shape HR training into a new frontier.


We practice what we preach. When we say that we’re revolutionizing the HR training industry, trust that we are. We are always evolving. Our immersive training modules and platform adapt to what our clients’ needs are, and we’re testing and creating along with the industry expectations and tech development.

After success in our MVP, we are currently working on our beta product for our breakthrough industry – the hospitality industry, a key market that sees high employee turnover.

We will continue to evolve our modules and platform with industry leading resources and in collaboration with educational institutions that are recognized in VR/ AI technologies! With all of our combined efforts, our goal for 2023 is to have a scalable product that is available to the market, across all industries – and includes a fully modularized and plugin training platform!

And rest-assured, we have our eyes on the prize. What’s your ROI? There are three potential exit opportunities for NIDUM: big tech acquisition, HR firm acquisition, or acquisition by another HR tech startup. All three exit scenarios could make you varying degrees of return on your investment. Our endgame means that we’ll be profitable and reach exponential growth; our product is scalable; or there’s a great product fit.

Collectively, our options are limitless!


At NIDUM, we make big statements. We will be the MailChimp of Training. It’s time to be part of our movement.

You may not be an HR professional, or a business that could benefit from immersive training modules, but you’ve likely been in the position as an employee to be on the receiving end of some sort of onboarding and training. Imagine the feeling again. Were you engaged? Interested? An ambassador for the company?

Our product has been created with the understanding of training pain points end-to-end, from how it’s delivered to the end-user in mind.

How investors should approach NIDUM is the same methodology we follow for our product – SIMPLE. AFFORDABLE. USER-FRIENDLY. EFFECTIVE. MEASURABLE.

Don’t worry about the ins and outs of finance and investment to be a part of NIDUM. As an investor, we hope that you’ll take the time to understand why our product is a long-term investment that you want to be a part of.

From the very beginning, watch us thrive, believe in our potential, and get ready to change the outdated practice of HR training.

NIDUM Inclusive HR ( Human Resources) Tech Solutions

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