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NIDUM Inclusive HR ( Human Resources) Tech Solutions

Inclusive workplaces

NIDUM Inclusive HR ( Human Resources) Tech Solutions

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NIDUM Inclusive HR ( Human Resources) Tech Solutions

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NIDUM Inclusive HR ( Human Resources) Tech Solutions

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Founder's story

My name is Jose and I am the founder of NIDUM, an HRtech company creating VR training modules for businesses!

Back in 2015, I embarked on my first independent business venture and founded a restaurant brand in Calgary called RE:GRUB (burger backwards!). It was quite the risk since I had never worked in the food industry, not even for a second.

People kept telling me how harsh the industry was and that I should stay away from it, but my passion to create a quirky and cool brand, and naivete kept me going. It flipped my life upside down and became the innovative opportunity and drive that I’d been craving!

The one obstacle I didn’t anticipate when establishing RE:GRUB was the operational issues including on-boarding and training my staff. It affected our growth as we kept missing the boat to engage the right people for the company. We tried everything possible to properly train and offer tools to our new hires but nothing worked effectively.

Then serendipity happened and we realized we were not tapping into the best possible employee pool— vulnerable communities! We wanted individuals who weren’t given the opportunities or the right tools to thrive in a workplace or are overlooked for a job. Many are members of our RE:GRUB community who are dedicated, hardworking, and give outstanding service.

This is why NIDUM was born.

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