Our Story!

HEY! My name is  JOSE  and I am the founder of NIDUM, an HRtech company creating VR training modules for businesses! 

In 2015, I embarked on my first independent business venture and founded a restaurant brand in Calgary called RE:GRUB. It was quite the risk because prior to that, I had no experience in the food industry, not even for a second. 

Despite being told how harsh the industry was and that I should stay away from it, but my passion to create a innovative, quirky and cool brand, and naiveté kept me going! 😀

What a GREAT EXPERIENCE because it flipped my life upside down! 

The one obstacle I didn’t anticipate when establishing RE:GRUB was the operational issues, including on-boarding and training my staff. It really impacted our growth as we kept missing the boat on bringing the right people into the company. Trying everything possible to properly onboard, train, and offer tools to our new hires, nothing worked effectively!

Then SERENDIPITY happened, and we realized we were not tapping into the best possible employee pool— vulnerable communities!

                               THIS IS WHY NIDUM WAS BORN

Vulnerable Communities

These communities such as: intellectually and physically challenged, immigrants, veterans, and refugees are normally neglected because they may require extra training or accommodations, however, they have key attributes like passion, commitment, and reliability that are extremely hard to find in the hospitality industry!

Hence, we decided to make REGRUB a very inclusive workplace, and BOOM, our employee engagement, turnover, and performance changed dramatically overnight. Staff was excited to come to work and fully engaged with our mission, and our internal culture took a great turn!

This is when my EUREKA moment came, I realized I needed to find a way how to digitalize the training experience so businesses could operate smoother, but also so these communities could have access to this training information.

So this is why NIDUM was born!

What We DO

NIDUM is an impact HRTech company creating VR training modules for businesses so we can save them TIME, MONEY, and STRESS in their existing onboarding and training practices. But then, we leverage these training modules to help individuals from these communities get better trained and prepared for their NEXT JOB!

We’re here for you! Check out our STRONGER TOGETHER / COVID-19 plan offering a free VR Training Module!

NIDUM Inclusive HR ( Human Resources) Tech Solutions

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