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Introducing the Stronger Together Program

Your Future Begins Here

Now more than ever, support for our local businesses is needed. We can no longer rely on business as usual, and adapting to these uncertain times means that collaboration and innovation can help us recover. One thing is for certain: we will bounce back! Stronger and resilient from our experience.

This is why we are releasing a free STRONGER TOGETHER plan to help businesses get back on their feet when they’re ready. It’s a time where businesses can try new methods, new practices and new techniques because the present time is beyond what anyone was prepared for. 



We know that staffing will be top-of-mind and our hope is to relieve the stress that comes with it, minimizing how much time and effort is spent finding the right people to prepare for the new norm. 

The NIDUM training modules are highly immersive, engaging, and customizable — and use industry-leading resources and a high-tech platform to help small to medium businesses with recruiting, on-boarding and training new staff, or retraining previous employees. 

Our goal: to collaborate with and design a customized training program for each business so you have the foundational people that are the right fit for the brand. Even better, we’re offering the first FREE training module with no strings attached. The VR training modules are effective, immersive and innovative. This statement is bold, but we have the data to support it! 

We know there might be a number of hurdles to start up business again. We can help streamline the HR process so your efforts can be focused elsewhere because it is one of the most important yet time consuming tasks that is fundamental to daily operations. 

Our case studies have shown that employees are 40-60% trained before coming to the first day of work. Employees are less supervised, become valuable members of the team, and show retention of brand information.

So this is an opportunity to start business on the right foot. Imagine an entire team that is committed, reliable and fully engaged. 



Submit an application today for this FREE business opportunity! NIDUM will select three candidates each month to start on their customized training modules. We also welcome you to share with other businesses that could use our support.

Investing in our local businesses to help encourage economic and market recovery is the right thing to do. And NIDUM would love to be a part of your journey to bounce back. 


Jose M. 

Chief Ideology Officer

NIDUM Inclusive HR ( Human Resources) Tech Solutions

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