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NIDUM is breaking Strivr’s immersive learning monopoly by being compatible with all devices, accessible pricing, timely results, and many more features.

Counting with features inspired in the way pilots train, NIDUM’s immersive learning modules are the most interactive way of modernizing you training program without the need to break the bank.

Whether you run a local business or manage a large enterprise — NIDUM can help you solve your biggest recruiting, onboarding and training pain-points.

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Simulation Training Compatible With All Devices Accessible Pricing Unlimited Changes No Hidden Fees Free LMS/CMS Included Fast Product Delivery Time


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Their Employees...

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We Walk The Walk,
But our Customers
Talk the Talk.

We collaborate with businesses of all sizes and in any industry. Check out how some of our most successful clients are currently choosing NIDUM Immersive Modules over Strivr’s for their training programs!

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NIDUM is a tech company dedicated to using immersive technology to change the way businesses’ recruit, onboard, and train their employees. We wanted to create a training method that was different from what we’ve all been using to date – and that we know does not work.

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Reduce costs on slow and ineffective employee training and get rid of those negative reviews caused by underprepared employees.

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Get most of your employee training completed OFF the floor, so they are customer-ready while ON the floor. That way, your new hires can have training that is anxiety-free!

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Train green workers safely before letting them touch dangerous equipment, and let those veterans concentrate on their own tasks instead of having to babysit!

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