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NIDUM is a tech company dedicated to using immersive training technology to change the way businesses’ recruit, onboard, and train their employees. We wanted to create a training method that was different from what we’ve all been using to date – and that we know does not work.

As the world changes and discoveries are made, we should change our school’s curriculums right? Well, the same goes for any kind of learning. Training is becoming more advanced, and people are learning differently. That’s why we decided to change up the “curriculum” and try the immersive training approach.

who do we
want to be?

NIDUM'S Vision...

Our vision is to create an immersive tech company like never before. Every business creates an impact, and it is up to us to decide if that impact will be positive or negative. That’s why we want to create a job atmosphere of inclusion and diverse-ability.

Our tech team is based out of Kenya where talent is located but rarely discovered. And our immersive training module creation team is both manned AND run by individuals on the Autism spectrum, why? Because the real question should be “WHY NOT?”

NOT ALL great tech companies are run from Silicon Valley, NYC, Toronto, Berlin. It’s a new world, we can now tap talent from every corner of the globe and from every community!

who do we
want to be?

a truly impactful and
diverse team!

Meet the Team

A company is nothing without it’s team. So take some time to meet ours. We don’t just work for NIDUM. WE ARE NIDUM.

A truly impactful and diverse team icon NIDUM
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we bring your
creations to life!

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Meet the
Module Creators

Take a few minutes to meet some of our talented Module Creators.

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Lisa Hochheimer

Hi, my name is Lisa, I am the Module Creator Program Manager here at NIDUM. I like Dungeons and Dragons, reading, sports, and playing with my bunny. Check out my video to learn more!

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Colin Drinkill

Hi, my name is Colin, I am a Module Creator here at NIDUM. I like video games, various tabletop RPGs, anime, and card collecting. Watch my video to hear more!

evolve and train for real

evolve and train for real

evolve and train for real

evolve and train for real